$10.00 USD

Writers are readers, too! During the winter, we run our fundraiser. When submitting, you will receive a copy of our Eckleburg No. 20 Ebook. Regular, open submissions will reconvene in February. Thank you for reading Eckleburg! We look forward to reading your words, too!


We accept polished creative nonfiction/essays up to 8,000 words year round, unless announced otherwise. Preferences veer toward shorter works under 1500 words with an arts and culture focus. If you wish to include a bio, keep it short, under 200 words. Please check out our free “Submissions Guidelines Workshop” prior to submitting.


We publish short works at The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review. At this time, we do not publish novel, long memoir, essay collections, story collections or poetry collections at The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review. We do offer manuscript workshops at The Eckleburg Workshops. If you are looking to place a manuscript, we can suggest several excellent small and large presses whose excellent books are promoted through our Eckleburg Book Club — i.e., Random House, Graywolf Press, Coffeehouse, Tinhouse, St. Martins Press and more.